August 24, 2006


The richness of Spanish for palabrotas or swearing is unmatched on the planet, according to most who witness it . In general the word for 'to shit upon' serves to link any series of resonant combinations. It starts with the reflexive ME cago - I shit - EN something . Like " Me cag(o)en tu puta madre" or "me cago en tu muerto o tu puta muerto". Or on all your dead (family) - "me cag' en todos tus muertos" or on the saints, etc.

A specially common colloquialism acceptable between thirsty men of even an education, but under temporary release from pomposity, would be to say "Me cag' en La Virgen (v)amos a tomar una cerveza" .

The most normal working man , with a family and a church , can easily and shamelessly shit on the virgin and all the saints at once ("la Virgen y todos los santos" if he receives sudden unexpected work-pain.

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