August 05, 2006

1001 Natural Wonders

I just got a book called 1001 Natural Wonders (And some bit about them being things you have to see before you die, but come on. If you are rich and travel obsessed, you might be able to go for 100-150.) Still, it's a beautiful book with inspiring pictures. Even on Google Image Search the pictures aren't as breathtaking. :D I think I'll post some of my favourites when I get around to it.

Ellesmere Island: Nunavut, Canada

The first entry in the book, Ellesmere is the 10th largest island in the world. It is filled with "undulating ice fields, rugged gray black mountains, and boulder strewn glaciers." It has the midnight sun and the polar winter, and, get this, fjords! There are only three settlements on it.

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