July 20, 2006


It's hot today. First it was so hot you couldn't be outside too long without a good, healthy breeze. Then there was no point leaving the house unless you were in the pool. Now it's so hot it's not worth that; you'd drown trying to escape the heat on your lips, your nose. It's hot. Hot so when you step outside sweat covers your face fast as a blush. Hot so when you pop the trunk of the car the puff of cool air seems like a breath of life.

It's hot. Hot so the radio stations give out free ice cream to win the loyalty of the masses. Hot so the thunder storm shut off power to half a million people and they've got shelters set up in the downtown, because here air conditioning isn't a luxury, it's a need. It's hot so you can't think properly, you move slowly, your mind shuts down. It's ot so I'm dreaming of the sea and forests of pine. Hot so the moisture rising off the river brings the percieved temperature up to 115 degrees fahrenheit. Hot.

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