June 26, 2006

Stupid Miranda

Sometimes I get so sick of my whiny self. Today:

"I thought maybe you were in Europe. Aren't you going to Europe soon?" - Mrs. Desloge.

"No... I get to go to Canada, though." (But just over the Border, naturally.)

"Oh, Because Bryan just went with a whole bunch of people, with school..."

"Oh yeah, A whole lot of them went." Everyone at Wendy's party was talking about it. Jan left on the same day, on the same flight. Back to Germany. Todd just got back from Ireland. Angela wasn't going to go because she went to Australia instead.

;_; ;_; ;_; Let's whine let's cry, we only have a lakehouse, we only have a swimming pool, everyone's in Europe but us.... ;_; ;_; ;_;

Oh, it's disgusting. Miranda, you idiot, not everyone but you is in Europe...

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