February 26, 2006

State Tournament!

I was at the Racquetball State Tournament from 7:00 am - 4:30 pm today, and that's counting the fact that I snuck out early and will probably catch hell for it. ;) Oh, it was good fun, and I got a trophy! Never mind that I suspect its the lowest trophy that they offer, it was more than the participation award (nothing), and third place in my division isn't that bad. It means, at the very least, that I beat out about 8-9 people. (And the state tournament is only like 4 schools) Go me! :P

The first game I won somewhat handily... the details flee from me, but I didn't need a tie breaker. The second game, well, she smashed me, but she went on to win 1st place. Then, in the fight for third, I still won with a little breathing room; still no tie-breaker, and she got 10 points and 8, respectively, to my 15-15. I was a lot more aggressive than usual, but also a little more anxious... I had to take a time out just to cool down, once. Ah well, I'm sure I'll find the proper balance one of these days.

Best news? I'm done with Racquetball for the Season, though I might go up to play with Layla a bit, and that means I'll have a life again. :D

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Tar Aryndil said...

Hey, at least you did kick SOME ass, and remember that it's not a question of how many asses, but whether you did at all kick ass.

Wise words, heed them well ;)