February 23, 2006

Die Suxxorz

That is the name of my powerpoint, but I assure you that the presentation will be just the opposite. I open it with some random medias in everything from French propaganda of some sort to scribbles by a little Spanish Speaker. This is voiced over with Stian saying that the trick to languages is practice. Then, the title slide. I squeeze in a few words before I lose all control together. Then, my good friends Isabella, Stian, and Pedro steal the show with their awesome voice overs, played over some lovely landscapes. The one Stian sent me is really getting the mileage at my school, it appears, but why not? It's lovely. Then the rest of the presentation ensues... I did it fast and got 6 minutes, slower and got 8, so I should be right within the target time. Thank God! Wish me luck! :D


Tar Aryndil said...

Good luck, sweetheart! I hope it all goes well! I'm actually kind of proud of how far I've gotten with my English accent the last year or so. I think it's the tea, it's Englified me :p

Elindomiel said...

I think you're looking for Anglicized :P