February 18, 2006

Now... It's Just Funny

Norways seeming to stalk me creeped me out for a while, but two events happened in the last day that brought it to the level where now... it's just funny.

Quote from Biology Worksheet: "Woolly hair that is short and fuzzy is often found in Norwegians. Cross a homozygous woolly Norwegian with a heterozygous non woolly person."

(Of course this prompted another question and answer session, including a favourite from Gwen: "Is your Norwegian woolly?")

That brought it to a pinnacle, and then Time Magazine's Persons of the Year issue spilled it over the top with room to spare. I quote: "Norway pledged $ 290 million over five years. But every time he spoke to a reporter about his donation, Bill Gates mentioned Norway. "We aimed to have Norway in paragraph one or two in every story." says foundation coo Mathews. This month Norway announced that it would give close to 1 billion over 10 years. "When I'm speaking to the press, I'm thinking, Who are the people I should praise?" Says Bill. In our interviews, he repeatedly mentioned, well, Norway."

I'd like to briefly direct your attention to the line, "We aimed to have Norway in paragraph one or two in every story." Now, he never quite clarifies what he means here, and though assumptions can be drawn, my paranoia leads me to smell conspiracy. It seems Bill Gates's personal budget is funding this propaganda, which has now reached me on more fronts than I care to count, from the daily news, to Phantom of the Opera, to an artical about the 1918 Flu Virus, and even to Soul Calibur II.

So yeah. Now it's just funny.


Ariochs Acolyte said...

... my norwegian is woolly.

Check out my blog now, it has a satircally titled article for your perusal, and perhaps the perusal of your entire school ...

Tar Aryndil said...

Hihihi... Mr. Gates is slightly biased. Good for him. Wicked for us!

How does Norway announce anything anyway? Do you hold up a microphone to a fjord, rewind it backwards, speed it up eight times and run it through a green filter? Hey, green filter worked for Zaphod, who knows what it'll do for us :p

Tar Aryndil said...

On a different note, the fact that woolly hair has been found in Norwegians, as opposed to on them, astounds me. I didn't know we had hairy spleens. No wonder so many of us died in the Dark Ages in battle. We didn't want thralls, or gold or riches, we just wanted to be kind and shave eachother's spleens.

Elindomiel said...

Laura came to me this morning to ask about Norwegians being woolly. She was one of the last, and I took no pain in telling her so, but she still had that "I'm funny and clever as hell" look on her face. Love you, Kyra, no harm intended... ;)