February 08, 2006


^^ Yes, we had snow today. It snowed pretty hard, but didn't stick, and wasnt destined to last. By the time I got home, there was none left on the streets or sidewalk, and not enough on the grass to sled. Still, fun with footprints, and gorgeous on the trees. :D

Funny, howI made a quasi-prediction last night. Laura mentioned it in Bio.

"Miranda! You're like god! You said, "it should snow." and it did! :D"


DagniroVanaliel said...

Hee, fun.

Snow very pretty on trees, snowball fights between classes very amusing.

Though snow is not so much fun when you're waiting for the bus, and by the time the thing gets there you're fully soaked. -_-


Tar Aryndil said...

Thou art the God of predictions. It is nighly ominous!