March 18, 2012

Wake Up and Study...

Talking to Nadine all the time and playing board games recently, along with realizing I'm almost at the halfway point of my semester here, have all served as wake-up calls that my Norwegian can use some work and that I'm going to have to actually, well, work to get it there! :D So I'm going to start actually writing down words I learn, words I don't know and need to know, etc, and making flash cards out of them. My Norwegian course is teaching me a few words, and reinforcing a lot of the grammar, but I need a serious vocab booster to compensate for the years of learning Norwegian by internet and having an easily-accessed, easily-forgotten dictionary on hand.

But just now, it's sunny and beautiful. First sun longer than five minutes in the last weeks. Weather forecast says it'll be nice for two whole hours, until 12 noon. Lol, and it's the day after St. Patrick's Day. Life is cruel.

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Elizabeth Braun said...

Oh, vocab is my bugbear! I guess I'm a grammarian at heart and I'm really lazy when it comes to learning vocab.

Perhaps I should do a blog post on various flashcard types and, most importantly, get on with learning from the many dozens that I've laboriously written out!!