May 07, 2006


I almost hesitate to write this for fear that I'll wake up tomorrow a wreck again, but I think I've found myself and might cut my emo week short. I developed a dependancy, see, and it was wrested away for better or for worse. It's nice to have something to lean on, I'm not saying it's not, and for them to lean back on you can be the most amazing thing in the world. But these things have to work two ways or theyre not something Miranda does. Living with the sun itself is amazing, but part of you always fears that the sun might go away. There was something in living for someone, and having someone live for me, but as I start being self contained once again, theres a peace of mind in that, too. :D

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DagniroVanaliel said...

It sucks when stuff gets wrested away. Dependencies are nice, and it's nice to have something to distract you, but sometimes it just goes too far. And it doesn't help that my own dependencies are so incredibly geeky that the wresting-away is even more forceful than usual.

Hope the sun comes back out for you.

~DV or whatever