April 30, 2006

Outlet Bookstore!

Down at the lake, they have a nice little outlet mall. Not that little, really; it looks humble sized from the street, but goes back a ways. There are all sorts of stores, from a chocolate 'factory' to kitchen appliances and "Claire's". In the summer, I remember, they have a little cart that you can buy pretzels from. I had a nice time shopping there on the Tantara trip in 8th grade.

When we went this weekend, it was raining and dreary, and instead of Laura and the rest of the choir I was with Grandma and Great Aunt Betty. But it was still lovely, of course, because we stopped by the outlet bookstore. It has great prices, although almost all of the books are hardcover. I picked up some good deals, and most of them will probably even turn out to be decent books. :P

For 2-3 dollars a-piece, I added three volumes to my oxford pocket reference series: a biographical dictionary, a dictionary of etymology (fascinating), and a guide to Egyptian Mythology. I'm not sure quite where I'll use the latter, but I'm female and I have a weakness for sales. :P

I've been meaning to read some alternative history, and a fellow named Turtledove seemed to have good reviews, so I picked up two hardcover books from him: One assuming Japan took over Hawaii in World War II, and one assuming Nazi Germany succeeded to take over an empire, with the book set in alternative 2010 or thereabouts. I've started on the Nazi one, and I like it a lot so far. The heavy use of German phrases is lovely seasoning for a freak like me, and the other book seems to have as much Japanese. Yay! :D

Then I got "Ancestors of Avalon", because I've been impressed with the other books in that series, and it was only 1.50$ for a book that would be roughly ten times as much at home. From the same rack, which was all 50% off the lowest marked price, I got a book called "Talisman" which is about "Gnostics, Freemasons, Revolutionaries, and the 2000 year old Conspiracy at work in the world today." Even if half of it is rather questionable, it looks to be interesting.

So, I have good reading now. ^^ Wish me joy, and I'll try to review the books for you!

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