March 14, 2006

"We just want..."

In the newspaper today, they quoted George Bush saying, "We just want people to come home." It seemed a silly thing to say, at first. Then I thought to myself, what if it wasn't George Bush who said it? What if it was someone I respected, or even someone I had never heard of before? Instead of seeming awkward or silly, I might go so far as to appreciate a sort of eloquence in it's simplicity. Clearly perceived stupidity is self perpetuating. Perhaps it is wrong. Then again, having wrought it upon himself, does Bush not deserve the prejudice?


J. Archer said...

When you say what if--my answer is that the context is different.

Since the context is different, necessarily, the meaning is different. So it's not like someone can just lift a line, place it in another context, and expect it to do the same work. If we imagine a leader of a dislocated country saying that about her people, we can try to appreciate the deep hurt and tears in their families, economy, and society... if we imagine a butthead saying that in a sarcastic way, the mafia is on speed dial. :)

DagniroVanaliel said...

Woah. Deep.

Well... It's Bush. I mean, it does sound like something he'd say, but then again it sounds like something any sympathetic leader would say. But since it's Bush, and people have spent the last seven years or so making fun of him, I can't really feel that bad for him.

I've been spending way too much time snarking Bush with my dad.

Yes, our father/daughter bonding time is strange.

Tar Aryndil said...

Maybe George is actually smarter than even Stephen Hawkings. When he tries to articulate himself 'dumb' enough so that the general public understands him, he trips. Yes, that must be it!