March 05, 2006

New Picture

Alright, I have a new picture up. ^^ Better, worse? I took it last night, so it's certainly more up to date.


Ariochs Acolyte said...

You look ... a little gothy :P

But it did need to be changed <3

Fish said...

You do look a bit darker, but its a more normal picture. Not that normal is better or worse, but is a better depiction of how you normally look. I like it ^.^. I wanna steal your webcam!!!

Tar Aryndil said...

I like it a lot, you know. It's more gothy and moody, yes, but at the same time a bit more real. Not to mention updated, your last one was old.

Fish, if you like her webcam, you'll love mine. It has face tracking, and it can turn 90 degrees to either side. Not to mention I can take 4 megapixel pictures. But I guess it would be like autographs.

A plumber from Wales', or Brad Pitt's? In this case, the plumber has a prettier handwriting. Oh, these metaphors ;)