March 21, 2006

Winter's Farewell

It snowed last night. It really snowed. Not enough to get us off school, although every other school (from All Saints to Zion) in St. Louis was, but it was something. I had almost given up on seeing snow on the pines. It happened in the last minutes of Winter, like a tearful farewell. It's saying it didn't mean any of it; not the warmest January on record, not the days where we pranced about in shorts and t-shirts, soaking our feet in a lake that should have been frozen over. Ah, Winter, I forgive thee. ;)


DagniroVanaliel said...

Whee! Snow! *Stares out window* Wish I could go play in it... So pretty.

Ah, well. It's nice enough knowing it's out there. ^_^


Tar Aryndil said...

Snow is the most beautiful thing in the world. And that's the end of the discussion :P

Happy for you, ashke.