March 03, 2006

Small Pout Session

I feel pathetic. I used to be so independant. Now, I nearly rely on school, racquetball, Austin, friends, Stian, or something to amuse me. If I don't have them, and I start doing something on my own, I get going and don't notice it. But too often, if they go away after, say, 8:30, I see no real need to continue my day, and I go to sleep. This is truly pathetic. There, I've admitted I have a problem, there's the first step.

Second pout: I have to sleep with my sister tonight. In her room. Each of these conditions, by itself, is survivable, but together? *shiver*

Finally: Austin is sick. ;_; Get better!


Tar Aryndil said...

Hey, wait a minute!

"friends, Stian"

I'm not your friend? That's it, I'm NEVER talking to you again! :p

J. Archer said...

Good catch. There are a few interpretations I'd like to suggest:

1. In the spirit of Charity, you are placed outside the general category of "friends" because you are special in some way. Previous mentions lend support to this thesis.

2. In the spirit of Teasing and/or Jesting, you are deliberately excluded from the category of "friends" because she has developed a hate for you. A badly done chreia analysis puts you at the periphery:

A: school
_B: raquetball
__C: Austin
_'B: friends
'A: Stian

(That is not a chreia, by the way, I'm just messing around. I'll post an example of ABCBA from one of MLK's letters if you'd like.)

Or which equates you to school. Perhaps you give her homework, which she secretly detests and perhaps had a Freudian slip.

Tar Aryndil said...

Would you stop it with the psychoanalysis' for Christ's sakes! You're making me depressed :p