January 18, 2006

Ven Pon meeting tomorrow!

Yay, we have a Ven Pon Creative Writing club tomorrow, and we had a great turnout last time, and even though Meghan probably wont show tomorrow due to the late notice, she seems interested in joining. W00t and all that that encompasses.

Ah, Ven Pon. If there was ever a tired old joke, there it is. And yet we have fixed it to our club, and so it will never die, only grow... well, thin. Yes, yes, like butter spead over too much bread. Damn that Tolkien. Ven Pon!

So it remains to be seen, whether it is an Elven Acronym, another word for Cojones, or Come Put as they say in La Clase de Español.


Tar Aryndil said...

Ven Pon? Elaborate, I have no idea what you're talking 'boot :P

LAURA!!! (aka teh fish) said...

But by posting it takes away from my feeling of creepyness!!! *sobs in corner*

And shes talkin boot? What is this boot and why is she talking 'bout it?

Elindomiel said...

Laura you idiot, its dialectical!

(Word? No? Ah, well...)

Ariochs Acolyte said...

Word? Word.


Elindomiel said...

He just means "About"

Tar Aryndil said...

What an awful mess I made :P