January 26, 2006

Semester Grades

Remember when I posted my possible, best case scenario grades? Well, I pulled through on all my exams and got all of them. Neat that my GPA can survive a C in Math, but sad realizing what it would have been otherwise...

Latin 4 - H
Spanish 3 - A
German 1 - A
Honours World History - A
Honours English 2 - A
Honours Biology - B
Algebra 2 and Triganometry - C


J. Archer said...

Neat. :)

What is H?

So far no real hits on monolingualism in the US. I'm not quite sure what categories I should be looking at, but I've been searching language, education, linguistics, and something else which escapes memory. Yes. The category which escapes all memory... is coming for you!

If your thesis was that monolingualism will be an economic hinderance in the future, that's fairly easy and can be highly interesting--you could argue that China is set to be the next world superpower, and so it would be important to learn Mandarin (Cantonese, yes, but less); that international trade/business has a good record of being profitable; that cultural and consequently linguistic diversity is increasing, and to remain a key competitor in the world market Americans must learn languages so that they can tap into the non-English markets...

You know, natural capitalist crap. :) It would go down fairly well.

Tar Aryndil said...

Faentæsstik, beibi! :D

I'll celebrate with you! I just need combestibles and refreshments, and the partaaayh is on! :D

Elindomiel said...

Hey, thanks for looking it up for me. ^^ I'm actually finding a ton of information - different teaching techniques, economic, military, and personal reasons why we should be more interested, and etc and etc.

An H is a 97% or better in an Honours Advanced Placement class. They're quite rare, even at school where they are offered, and are mainly for you to get in a class you just really, really are good at, or to seperate the straight A students from the genii* that are going to be our valedictorians. Layla and Inaam have a ton of them. Dunno how they do it :P

* yay for made up word forms