January 25, 2006

Schedule for Next Year

These are the classes I've signed up for next year; I hope I get into all the ones I want because I've played mean games with the district the last few years and now I need every credit I can get.

Honours English 3
German 2
Spanish 4
AP Comparative Government and Politics
Honours Government
Honours Wainwrighting
Honours Chemistry 1 and 2
Business Management


Ariochs Acolyte said...

What, no latin this year?

Elindomiel said...

No, I'd like to, but I have wainwrighting to think of.

Tar Aryndil said...

You're making wagons?

Fish said...

Wainwrighting is one of the most popular electives at our school, of course shes taking it, I hope were in the same class, mir ^.^