January 20, 2006

Activity Bus

I rode the Activity Bus home yesterday. The following is a conversation I heard from about 3 rows back. They were quite loud.

"If you have sex with a girl, are you still a virgin?" - F1
"Well, actually, you have to kind of be, broken..." - F2
"Broken?" - F1
"Inside." - F2
"...." - F1
"Only for Girls." - M1
"But why?" - F2
"I was drunk! I didn't know!" - F1
"If someone gets drunk and kill someone, is it their fault?" - F2
"I dunno! But I didn't know! I was drunk!" - F1
"Some part of you wanted it. Some part of you wanted to experiance it." - F2
"But have you ever... with a guy?" - F1
"Yes!!!!" - F2
"I meant him!!!" - F1
"Yea." - M1

And So On.
Another bizarre mix of humility/naivete and nastiness...

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Tar Aryndil said...

Hahaha! Brilliance! You should've recorded it on your cell :P