November 19, 2013

The Basics

I know I never really write here anymore. I guess I just produce so many footprints in emails and articles and assignments and more formal blogs that I'm all out of words. Or maybe I've just grown passed the age and time of wanting to write everything down in a bizarre, semi-private, semi-public space. But here I am, so here's what's up:

- My parents are getting divorced, and it's not pretty.
- I've somehow ended up in grad school.
- I'm not sick of Columbia, Missouri but I am kind of sick of writing about (and photographing, and recording, and editing) Columbia, Missouri.
- I'm not sick of living poor, but I am kind of sick of being poor. I love my shoebox apartment and paying my own rent/utilities/tuition/food money but I'm kind of sick of mooching and knowing I couldn't handle my dentist bills, my car insurance, etc on my own yet.
- I'm finally ready to enter the ordinary human workforce, at least for a few years (and then I can always reevaluate and if I'm bored or miserable, try something else.)
- But first, I have to get through a year of grad school classes and a thesis/project.
- For my thesis/project, I'm doing something really unusual: a journalistic-style ethnography of the Faroe Islands.
- So now I'm trying to learn Faroese and everything about the Faroes.
- Everything else is kind of feeling like a distraction.
- Friends/family are a welcome distraction (but still kind of a distraction).
- Classes and work are not-as-welcome distractions. ;)
- Life is good and peaceful and the world is beautiful.
- This fall was the most beautiful ever. I say that a lot, but this time I think I mean it.
- If this is to be farewell to Missouri, then it has been a good farewell. 

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