April 14, 2011

Status Update

Yesterday was not exactly my best day since coming to Germany. Bad allergies, fatigue, feeling like everyone was yelling at me about trip planning, not be able to go home between 7-11p.m., a friend flipping out, falling half asleep in class so that I ended up picking a bad project (and one scheduled to present the only day I need to skip in the whole semester >.>) and that's just half the fun. But it's okay, nothing seriously bad happened, I can start putting things back together and I've got some amazing trips coming up this month (probably will be my most expensive month this semester barring post-finals travel). Sometimes I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew. I'm not sure I can pass this German History course as pretty much all I understood on Monday was "I recommend you read these three large and very academic books". But I think I have another week to decide what I'm going to audit vs. take for a grade. And the other stuff might not all be easy but I think it's all doable and it looks like I'm going to get good credit for it all.

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